How do I configure evidence as 'persistent'?

A video sequence of uploading persistent evidence. More detailed information is provided below.

Under Settings, click on 'Configure Evidence.' This is where you can upload persistent evidence. Think of it as evidence that can be used in more than one dispute response. For example, your Return Policy can be considered persistent evidence for multiple reason codes that are tied to consumer disputes.

Once you upload your persistent evidence, the App will choose the most relevant evidence and include it in a dispute response.

To add persistent evidence, click on the 'Add New' button. You can find that button in the top-right corner of the form (see image below).

HS_Configure Evidence

A section for Configure Evidence. You can view this by clicking on 'Configure Evidence' on the left-hand side while you are viewing the Settings page.

You can upload your persistent evidence in one of two categories – and this applies whether you upload 'Image & Text' or 'Text Only.' 

If you select a merchant in the Merchants field, the persistent evidence will apply to disputes related to that merchant. You can choose more than one merchant.

If you select an MID in the Mids field, the persistent evidence will apply to disputed related to that MID. You can choose more than one MID.

After you upload your file and add the necessary text, make sure you choose an Evidence Group. This tells the App when and where to include this persistent evidence in your dispute response.

Here is another screenshot that shows what I just described.  

HS_Upload Persistent Evidence

After clicking on 'Add New,' which is located in the top-right corner, you will be asked to configure your evidence accordingly in order for it to be activated as Persistent Evidence.

After you click on 'Save,' you new evidence will be cataloged under Merchant Level, Mid Level or both, depending on what fields you entered in the form.

Click on the Evidence Group (i.e., Contract) if you like to see your evidence. Before you log out, make sure you click on the toggle until it turns blue. This activates your persistent evidence by default, so now it will present itself in a dispute workflow.