How do I integrate Braintree?

First, land on the +Integrations page and click +Connect on Braintree.



Login to your Production Braintree Account before you follow these steps:

  1. Under the Account tab in Braintree, access 'My User' and click 'View Authorizations'
  2. Click 'Generate New API Key' and then click 'View' Private Key
  3. Copy the Public Key, Private Key and Merchant ID from the Client Library Key
  4. Paste that information into the Braintree connection card of the Chargeback App
  5. Click ‘Connect,’ and you’re done!
Braintree API

Web Portal

  1. Enter a nickname (any nickname) for this Braintree connection
  2. Enter the url where you login
  3. Enter the username/email you use to login to Braintree
  4. Enter the password you use to login to Braintree
  5. Answer Yes or No to the following question: Are there multiple MIDs associated with this connection?
  6. Answer Yes or No to the following question: Are security questions tied to this connection? Enter every security question and answer (VERBATIM).
  7. Click 'Connect'