What will I see under the Disputes tab?

Disputes Queue Blur

The Disputes section contains disputes that your business has received and the corresponding details for each case. To see disputes, you’ll need a processor, gateway, and/or sales platform connected — otherwise, dispute cases can be entered manually.

Sample data fields on the Disputes page include:

  • Data Source
  • Case Number
  • Reference Number
  • Stage
  • Dispute Amount
  • Card Prefix
  • Card Suffix
  • Transaction Date
  • Request Date
  • Due Date

NOTE: Disputes can be imported from a connection to Stripe or Braintree. But some connections, such as Authorize.net, will not automatically identify your disputes.

When that happens, you’ll first need to locate the order or transaction in the Chargeback App and proceed to ‘Respond Now’ from the Orders/Transaction page.